capsule me up

Let's be honest - the dress that you bought in the Vince sample sale still has its tag on, is two sizes too small and has still yet to be worn. Sound familiar? With Capsule Wardrobe Styling, I'll be there to lead and guide you on what pieces to keep, what no longer serves you (honey, you wore those jeans before you had a baby!) i can show you the pieces that you need to finalize the most timeless and perfect wardrobe for every season and occasion. I'll ensure that you have a wardrobe that you love, and never need to panic buy or shop in a daze again. 

So, here's how it works and what the capsule wardrobe package includes:

1 - We'll have a  short phone or skype consultation so that I can find out a little about you and get to understand exactly what you need from your wardrobe. Everyone is different. Whether you're a constant jet-setter or someone who loves to bask at home, it will be important for me to understand your lifestyle.

2 - After we have decided how much time to dedicate to the clearing of your wardrobe (I usually recommend four hours, but also understand that this can go over or under) I will then visit you and guide you through the clearing. I'll take care of whatever clothes need to go, donating these to charity or to designers who use recycled fabrics, or will include them in the Conscious Curating Designer Borrow.

3 - Finally, I will provide you with a bespoke edit of anything that is missing from your wardrobe or that needs replacing. You will be able to shop everything through me.

Conscious Curating is about achieving quality over quantity, slowing down fashion and owning pieces that you truly love.

For inquiries and price packages, please drop me an email or a whatsapp



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