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I'm Rebecca, originally a Manchester worker bee who has now been living in the Big Smoke for four years. I moved to London after graduating from university with a BA(hons) in Fashion Communication in 2017, and have since worked as a fashion stylist and personal shopper. It's safe to say that I have a pretty concrete knowledge of the luxury fashion industry, starting with my experience whilst studying in Newcastle and working for brands including Chanel, Gucci and Victoria Beckham.

After several years of working as a Personal Shopper, I realised that working within this crazy industry of luxury fast-fashion (yes, it's a thing) just didn't sit right with me. Not only does personal shopping have no sense of awareness around carbon emissions, packaging and sustainability, but it is also all about pushing products that people don't need and spending crazy amounts of money on products that are often made from exotic animal skins or in non-ethical ways. Quite honestly, I felt ashamed to be a part of it.

I wanted to do something that would encourage slow and thoughtful spending, as well as offering a platform to enable designers to create beautiful pieces to push product that wasn't made in a multi-billion dollar industry sweatshop. I have seen first-hand the importance and value of buying beautiful pieces and gifts and keeping them for life. 

So, let's turn to a more thoughtful way of spending and living, shall we? Of course you can still look fabulous and carry a vintage Chanel bag around the farmers' market. As your Lifestyle Curator, I'm here to assist you with your shopping and styling needs,  and to connect you to amazing independent talent who are making their mark in the ever-so over-saturated space of luxury goods.

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