Wardrobe Cleansing & Styling

Hi Everyone, I've had a busy week this week! A couple of personal shopping sessions followed by a wardrobe cleansing & styling session for several clients. Yesterday, I visited my client Priya at her house to sort through her wardrobe and give it a refresh. With a promotion at work as Head of Creative, Priya was looking to smarten up her wardrobe, but also keep a cool punk, band-tee vibe for weekends and travelling. Priya also wanted some more sustainable or independently made pieces and wasn't quite sure on how to achieve her desired look or her new wardrobe. After an afternoon of sorting though piles of clothes, we managed to fill two large bags full of items for charity or selling, and I'm now in the process of curating an edit of all the pieces missing out of Priya's wardrobe which are holding her back from achieving her look. All of the clothing in my edit will be sourced from ethical and independent sources and will be pieces that Priya can keep for many years. Priya also had some items of clothing that she loved and would reach for, but just wan't sure on how to style them. I've created an edit demonstrating ways that Priya can style the pieces that she loves and still look effortlessly put-together.

I wanted to share with you (below) the start of Priya's bespoke edit on how to style the pieces that she already has. If you yourself are looking to adopt a new look or want your capsule wardrobe sorting out for life, then drop me a message and we can arrange a date. R.x

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