With the experience and knowledge that Rebecca has gained from working at several styling companies, It's safe to say that she has a pretty concrete knowledge of the luxury fashion industry. After several years of working within personal shopping, Rebecca realised that working within this crazy industry of luxury fast-fashion (yes, it's a thing) just didn't sit right and so she decided in 2020 to launch her own business, Conscious Curating. Because why should looking amazing and feeling great mean having to sacrifice sustainability and throw ethics out of the window? It shouldn't. 

I wanted to create a platform that would encourage slow and thoughtful spending, as well as offer a platform for designers creating beautiful pieces to push product that wasn't made in a multi-billion dollar industry sweatshop. So, let's turn to a more thoughtful way of spending and living, shall we? Of course you can still look fabulous and carry a vintage Chanel bag around the farmers market. I'm here to assist you with your shopping and styling needs,  and to connect you to amazing independent talent who are making their mark in the ever-so over-saturated space of luxury goods.